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Support & Services

The International Permaculture CoLab pays for services:

From the Digital Circle, to provide working groups, project and circles with the following services:

  • Nextcloud accounts for document storage, creation, editing and sharing

  • Access to a central email address for external communication namely:

  • OpenProject access (currently limited to funded projects)

  • Miro boards (limited number of accounts/unlimited number of boards as needed)

  • Newsletter access for internal and external communications / promotion through the communications officer

  • Slack workspace - anyone can create channels, use call features, create usergroups

  • Web page/s on outlining the working groups / circle / project work, team, together with a contact form if needed

  • Access to downloadable resources through the website

From the Funding Circle:

  • Access to a funding opportunities database

  • Opportunities to join others in group-funded projects

From the Evaluation and Impact team:

  • Assistance to projects to be able to design and carry out their own evaluation and impact strategy

From the Welcome Gardening Circle and any other willing CoLab member:

  • A co-counseling service to help CoLab members orient themselves in the CoLab community