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Section 2b: Circles and working groups

What’s the difference between a Circle and a working group?

Circles are defined by their more formalised status, normally including the following

  • have a defined circle vision aligned with the CoLab VMAs

  • have a circle agreement outlining how people can join the circle if the circle is open

  • have a representative on the General Circle


Working groups are informal set ups of people exploring collaboration possibilities, this may be a prototype stage of an upcoming circle but not necessarily. Stable working groups may decide to keep their working group status.

Working groups can be part of circles or independent. Just like circles they are able to benefit from services provided to projects and circles.

What circles and working groups are active?

You can review the active circles here:

Working groups can be found within the Slack workspace if not listed on our website, at incubation stage working groups may not necessarily by visible through a slack channel yet.