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Section 6c: Mailing lists

The internal mailing list includes:

  • CoLab members: defined here as all members of the CoLab Slack as per the above
  • Other mailing lists may be created as a tool for specific projects eg: Next Steps Contributors / Emergent Festival Participants etc.

External mailing lists include:

  • General newsletter mailing list: This is the main newsletter people sign up to on the website.

All CoLab members may submit internal communications to #colab-communications-engagement and external communications to the #CoLab-newsletter for publication, keeping in mind the audience and which mailing list should be used.

Circles may also request to set up their own mailing list sign up and dissemination if they have the capacity to administer it within their team.

If a working group / project is reaching out to people outside the CoLab and presenting themselves as from the CoLab it is a requirement that the @general circle is notified before this is done. Notification can be a short message to the general circle channel. This is not to limit activity but to increase awareness around how the CoLab is interacting with others externally.