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International Permaculture CoLab User Guide

International Permaculture CoLab User Guide © 2023 by CoLab members is licensed under Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

This document was written and subsequently edited by: Aimee Fenech, Aline VaMo, Tanya Medhuka, Charles Blass - if you contribute to improving this document your name will be added here.

Date last reviewed: 02/01/2024

Section 0: What is the purpose of this User Guide?

Section 1: What is the International Permaculture CoLab? - The balance between autonomy and coherence

Section 2: What makes a CoLab member and what does the CoLab do?

Section 3: The CoLab Onboarding Journey

How can YOU join the CoLab read more here:

Section 4: Support and Services available to working groups / circles / projects

Section 5: Responsibilities of CoLab members

Section 6: Communications inside and outside the CoLab

Your feedback

Whether you are a CoLab member or someone interested in the CoLab, we want you to know that your ...

Annex 1: A Glossary

Annex 2: A Permaculture Design for the International Permaculture CoLab User Guide