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Since the International Permaculture CoLab (CoLab) is a largely self-organized entity, this user guide aims to give readers a flavor of what the CoLab is about. However, it does not capture the rich human relationships and the collaborations within, nor does it cover fully all the different team setups, agreements and policies in place. It simply aims to make visible the overarching structures or patterns in place to support its members. To really experience its richness we encourage you to become an active member and seek out others already active within the CoLab to collaborate with.

This document was written by numerous active members of the CoLab in order to:

  • compile in one place critical information about the CoLab which was previously either undocumented and/or stored in separate locations

  • make more visible the structures, policies and services we have in place to support members

  • encourage reflection on what the CoLab is and how it could be made better