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What makes a CoLab member and what does the CoLab do?

CoLab members are individuals who in the first place represent themselves and actively engage in the CoLab Slack workspace. This is important because of CoLab’s flat and self-organised structure; no one individual is more or less important than any other member.

If CoLab members also represent their working groups / projects / circles / external associations etc., it is important to make this clear when entering into a collaboration. Relationships between external entities and the CoLab are documented in Memorandums of Understanding outlining the following:

  • the nature of the relationship

  • who is representing whom

  • clear agreements as to how the relationship will work including how it can be terminated


CoLab members who come into the CoLab as representatives of external parties are shown on the Allied Networks page here:

CoLab members retain their status whilst their Slack account is active and the individuals engaged in compliance with the Vibrant Space Policy.