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What is the International Permaculture CoLab?

The International Permaculture CoLab is a self-organised, on-line Collaborative Laboratory that helps improve coherence and collaboration in the international permaculture network (and beyond).

We are network of individuals, organizations, and enterprises that aims to enhance the effectiveness of the global permaculture movement.

Appropriate Digital Technology is at the heart of the work we do to help support groups and projects to work together effectively.

Many experiments are underway that work towards this great goal and include:

  • the creation and stewarding of online spaces for collaborative working,

  • the weaving of synergistic networks within and beyond the permaculture movement,

  • the application of permaculture ethics and design to social and digital systems,

  • the support of emerging regenerative projects and networks in their ambitious work.

The CoLab is exploring new economic and governance models that can support the wider movement to become more effective, financial sustainable, able, self-sufficient and will also identify and amplify successful regenerative economic strategies already adopted within the network.

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